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Garage Cabinets

Garage Cabinets provide clean and beautiful storage, a gorgeous view from the street, and all of your belongings behind closed doors.  Let them welcome you home as you pull in for the night.

Garage Cabinets - storage behind closed doors

When it comes to organizing your garage, garage cabinets are an excellent option. They offer ample space to store all your tools, equipment, and other belongings, and help to keep your garage neat and organized. Here are some key features of garage cabinets that make them an excellent storage solution.

Adjustable 1-inch Thick Industrial-Grade Shelves

Garage cabinets come with adjustable 1-inch thick industrial-grade shelves that hold up to 100 lbs per shelf and can be adjusted to fit your storage needs. This means you can store anything from heavy-duty tools to delicate equipment without worrying about the shelves bending or breaking.

Fully Customizable and Adjustable Cabinet Sizes

Garage cabinets are fully customizable and adjustable, which means you can design them to fit your specific storage needs. Whether you need tall cabinets, upper cabinets with space underneath to park the trash toter, or a special solution to maximize storage in the corner of the garage, we can customize your cabinets to fit your garage space perfectly. Vertical storage means we are making good use of unused wall space and get you more organized than ever before.

¾-Inch Thick Cabinets

Our garage cabinets are built with ¾-inch thick sides and doors that are sturdy and built to last. The solid back and off-the-floor mounting mean they keep your items out of harm’s way, and protect them from moisture, dust, pests, and other potential hazards.



Non-Porous, Smooth Finish

The non-porous, smooth finish is easy to clean and maintain. The stain and moisture-resistant materials can withstand harsh garage environments. This means that you can store items like paint, chemicals, and cleaning supplies without worrying about damage or spills, and can easily wipe down the cabinets to keep them looking new and shiny.

Concealed, Soft-Closing Steel Hinges

Our cabinet doors come with concealed, soft-closing steel hinges that
ensure the cabinets close softly and smoothly. This means that you won’t
have to worry about slamming the doors shut, which can damage the
cabinets and their contents.


Off-the-Floor Cabinet Mounting

Garage cabinets are mounted off the floor, which means that you can easily clean the garage floor without having to move the cabinets. This also helps to keep your items off the floor and away from potential damage.


Sliding Door Options Available

Sliding doors are a great option for saving space in your garage as we do not have to account for door swing as you access your items. They are useful if you have limited space in your garage or if you want to create a sleek, modern look.

Drawers Available

We can customize your tall cabinet or workbench with heavy duty, full extension drawers, if that will provide the best organization system for your garage.

Cabinets up to 8' Tall and 23” Deep

With cabinets ranging from 15″ to 8 ‘ tall and from 12″ to 23″ deep, we can offer ample space for the garage organization you need – from long handled tools to large Christmas totes – we can fit your garage AND your storage needs.

An investment in your home

A well-organized garage can make life easier by providing a clean, finished, upscale look at the heart of your garage organization system. Customized, adjustable, and durable, your garage cabinets will enhance your life while you are in the home.  An organized garage is also a real selling point for potential buyers, and having cabinets installed can be an added bonus.  So let us maximize your storage space and help you create the neat and organized garage you are happy to come home to!


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