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Closet Accessories

Taking your closet organization to the next level

Valet Rods, Tie, Scarf, and Belt Racks

These accessories save space and optimize the functionality of your closet.

  • Optimize storage with specialty racks designed for specific storage needs—ties, scarves, belts, and next day outfits. They hold a lot of clothes, yet take up very little space.
  • Pull-out racks offer easy visual access to smaller items.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your closet system for beautiful design and functionality.


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Your system for dealing with dirty clothes must be considered – do you keep clothes to be washed in the closet, or elsewhere?  Do you have dry cleaning?  How much do you pre-sort?  Hampers offer an option for a beautiful and integrated spot to toss those items.  There are multiple styles to choose from.  If we need to prioritize budget over aesthetic, we can also leave room for a laundry basket on the floor – we always customize to what works for YOU!

Shoe Storage

When we are showcasing special shoes, slanted shoe shelves with fences really put them in the spotlight.

Other times, we are trying to maximize the number we can store, and pull-outs are the best answer.

For the most price effective, and multi-purpose storage, flat shelves will do.

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Pants Racks

Folded pants are an efficient way to hang pants in terms of vertical space.  They allow for the lower hang to drop a little lower, which can be especially advantageous in the closet of a taller man – leaving more drape space for the blazers and dress shirts above.

Pull out pants racks come in full extension and soft close options, and reduce the size of the hanger even more, while giving excellent access and visibility to the items in your wardrobe.

Jewelry Trays

Jewelry dividers provide a convenient and beautiful home for your most worn accessories, keeping counters clear, and your closet a clean and welcoming sanctuary.

  • Organize every accessory – from rings and bracelets, to sunglasses and wallets – making it easy to choose items for the day, or to put away after a long day.
  • Multiple options for configuration and lining.
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